The School Day

School Day


Key Stage 4.

In Key stage four the day starts at 9am , where pupils who arrive on time are rewarded with breakfast and a hot drink .The start of each day has a theme ranging from looking at current affairs ,literacy and PSHE skills to a full year group assembly and prize giving.

The year group focus upon core subjects and key skills throughout the morning with a much needed break in the middle for fresh soup and toast.Pupils then re- energise at 12 pm with Action for Learning playing games, improving fitness or trying boxing or table tennis.

After lunch, pupils experience options and a range of vocational activities and enrichment activities ranging from PE, catering to rock climbing or even an educational visit.


Key Stage 3.

KS3 follow the Kaleidoscope Learning Programme (KLP), a specialist curriculum that has been devised and implemented at New Horizons AP over the past year and has had extremely successful results.

Our school day starts at 8.45am for any pupil who would like Pastoral support time. This is available by drop in or appointment and pupils will be able to see our Pastoral manager or a member of their staff team.

The school day begins at 9am for most pupils with Informal Learning Time. During this session pupils order lunches, speak to relevant staff regarding any issues or concerns, hot drinks and food are available for all.

We then have Nurture for Learning (NfL). This is topic or subject based and focuses on Social and Emotional regulation, building transferable skills and behaviours for learning. These sessions are a mixture of child led initiatives, curriculum based themes and SEAL activities/ objectives that are delivered in a variety of ways.  Pupils may learn manners by sharing drinks or a meal; learn turn taking and resilience by playing games or gain confidence in and develop a love of reading by sharing books, internet items or magazines.  Everyday there are 1:1 reading interventions ensuring every child reads 1:1 at least once a week.

Next is Action for Learning (AfL). Pupils access planned activities including an indoor and sport/outdoor option. We focus on other SEAL objectives, for example exercise and healthy eating, resilience and perseverance that can be linked to during other parts of the day that may be challenging to the pupils. Praise is given for values such as being a good team player, sportsmanship and being collaborative. Pupils are assessed on a daily objective and targets are set in Behaviour Journals as appropriate. At the end of AfL pupils are provided with food and drink  to refuel ready for their academic sessions.

The following sessions are called Steps for Learning (SfL) and are when pupils complete all their academic lessons. Pupils are taught in a number of ways, either as a whole group, 1:1 or in small groups or pairs. This is planned by staff to best suit the topic, pupil group and behaviour plans and can differ day to day. Pupils work on Maths, English and have their Behaviour Journal to hand to reflect on or add to.

All pupils are expected to complete all activities before they are able to move through to their social time at lunch. If any pupil is off task staff use a number of planned strategies to support the child and enable them to get back on track. They may take pupils away from the group and work with them on using better strategies. In this situation we as a team we always aim to have the pupil back within 10-15 minutes although staff use their discretion as to whether the issue is beyond the child’s control and whether it is not appropriate to encourage a pupil to return to class so soon;  pupils know they need to complete their tasks in lost learning to catch up.

During SfL skills developed in NfL and AfL are identified and referred to, to encourage pupils transfer these skills to the classroom.