Religious Studies

Religious Studies is an exciting subject, full of variety and human interest. In this subject you will learn about people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures, exploring different ways in which people live their lives. Perhaps one of the best things about RE is learning about yourself. We analyse the different opinions that people have about modern day issues such as society, divorce and poverty. Be prepared for lots of debates when studying RS!
Key Stage 3
Our KS3 learners study a range of world religions. They reflect on questions of faith and belief, they also consider their own beliefs in the light of their learning about the celebrations. They also investigate the varied reasons for and against religious belief. Using a variety of sources they learn about, and understand, the ways in which people claim God has been revealed to them in their lives and also the experiences, such as suffering, that may turn people away from belief.
Key Stage 4
At Key Stage 4 we offer full course GCSE (AQA specification). Included in these courses are the following:
– Morality – Matters of Life
– Morality – Matters of Death and the Elderly
– Morality – Religious Attitudes to Drugs
– Morality – Religious Attitudes to Crime and Punishment
– Philosophy – Belief in God
– Philosophy – Revelation
– Philosophy – Miracles
– Philosophy – Evil and Suffering