Key Stages 1 & 2

Timetable and Curriculum

The Willows Centre curriculum includes daily Nurture for learning sessions, Literacy and Maths, opportunities for 1 – 1 and guided reading session, intensive workshops to improve basic skills and thematic based afternoons. All subjects are based on the 2014 NC aims and objectives.

Pupil progress is tracked using specially developed PLCs. Staff inform planning by identifying gaps and areas for development; implementing interventions and highly differentiated lessons. All lessons focus on a curriculum objective and behaviour for learning focus, enabling learners to make clear progress in all areas.

The phonics programme used with primary students is “Letters and Sounds.” Although we do not use a specific reading scheme, regular reading with age appropriate books is done across the key stage daily.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in KLP

The Willows Centre staff are trained in and familiar with the techniques used in NLP. Many times the choice of language used can contribute to the behaviour exhibited by learners. The meta–model, used in NLP, is a tool that examines the underlying choice of language when communicating with pupils. Meta-model questions get to the deeper levels of language and reveal what parts of the experience have been deleted, generalised or distorted out of conscious awareness. At all times, staff take into account how their map of the world may differ to that of the young people in our care and modify language to suit. In all situations learners are given positive choices in a non- confrontational way using neuroscientific methods.

As a whole school we believe in getting to know our young people. We experience the benefits of increased co-operation and mutual respect by developing rapport, as evidenced in NLP training. By having a bespoke learning programme, that includes guided Team Nurture sessions at lunch, shared Action for Learning sessions at break and class Nurture for Learning sessions daily, we are able to have meaningful conversations with learners structured to build rapport.

The KLP curriculum is interwoven with NLP techniques based on scientific research.

The learning environment is instrumental to the success of the learners within it. Psychodynamic approaches are taken into account when developing all areas of the school. We endeavour to create safe and nurturing settings, conducive to bringing to consciousness and resolving the inner conflicts, of the young people at the heart of our organisation.

Primary Willows School Day

For more information on our curriculum, please contact our Teaching and Learning Lead, Charlotte Healey on 01925 818 516.