History is an enjoyable and interesting subject as it involves the study of human beings and their societies. There is nothing in the present that cannot be better understood in the light of its historical context and origins. Studying the past enhances an awareness of the world around us and should increase tolerance and understanding of other cultures and countries.

Through the teaching of History, we aim to help our students to achieve the best possible results they can and beyond that to develop and encourage a deeper awareness and understanding of British and European society, politics and culture. History is a subject that demands reading and thought, but it can also be stimulating, challenging, puzzling and very enjoyable.

Students will use and develop their skills of source evaluation, discussion, debate and essay writing. In KS3, students will study a range of historical periods such as the Tudors and the Great Fire of London. In KS4, we follow the WJEC specification which covers, the Russian Revolution, Nazi Germany, USA 1929-2000 and the Blitz. Previous students have very much enjoyed their studies and achieved very well in their final examinations.

The mental training which studying History provides is second to none. History is emphatically not just a body of facts about the past: it is far more useful and valuable than that!