English is taught at both key stages and focuses on pupils developing their skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening. We aim to engage our pupils by making lesson relevant to their experience and interests by studying a wide range of diverse texts and topics.

Key Stage 3

Our students are set targets on entry which is then reviewed regularly throughout the academic year. We track students’ progress through on-going assessments in reading, writing, and speaking and listening.

Throughout Key Stage 3, students learn to write for a range of audiences and purposes as well as producing creative writing. We read a range of texts from different genres, promoting debate and understanding around spiritual, moral and cultural traditions. Our activities allow all students the opportunity to communicate in different size groups through discussion, debate and role play.

Each student has a Key Stage 3 is supported to achieve their learning targets. We also provide specific literacy intervention for students requiring additional support.

We use various strategies to allow all students to realise their potential in achieving their target grade and make progress. This includes peer and self- assessment, discussing targets with students and the steps they need to take in order to achieve them

Key Stage 4.

At KS4 we offer GCSE English or separate English Language and English Literature, dependent on pupils aptitudes and needs. . We have two tiers of entry, Higher [grades A*-D] and Foundation [grades C-G]. Throughout Key Stage 4, we continually  monitor and analyse students’ progress and aptitude carefully to decide on the best entry tier for each individual and to ensure students make at least expected levels of progress. We feel this course prepares the students well for their chosen pathway to further education or employment.

We currently follow WJEC syllabus for English and English Language which tests pupils understanding through a series of 4 controlled assessment and two exams (reading and writing). For exams from 2017 there will no longer be a controlled assessment element and all assessment will be done through two exams; one fiction and one non-fiction. There will no longer be a tiering system so all pupils will sit the same exam.

English Literature focuses on our literary heritage and the understanding of writer’s craft in context. We currently follow the AQA syllabus for English literature and study the set texts; Of Mice and Men, An Inspector Calls and poetry from the relationships section of the anthology. As with English language from 2017 all testing will be exam only and will also be closed book. The texts for study for the 2017 are currently being reviewed.

From 2017 all pupils will be given a double-award for the English Language and Literature. The grade awarded will be the pupils highest grade from the two exams doubled.