Catering/Food Tech

GCSE  Catering

This specification provides a vocationally-related qualification that covers Levels 1 and 2 (Foundation and Intermediate) of the National Qualification Framework.

A course in Hospitality and Catering offers a unique opportunity in the curriculum for candidates to develop their knowledge and extend their skills within hospitality and catering in a vocational context. It will provide opportunities to develop candidates’ interdisciplinary skills, a range of Key Skills and their capacity for imaginative, innovative thinking, creativity and independence.

It is a suitable qualification for those who want a broad background in this area and for those who wish to progress to further education. It will offer valuable preparation for those entering the world of work.

The specification encourages the investigation and study of hospitality and catering in a variety of contexts. In these contexts the candidates are given opportunities to acquire competence, capability and critical skills through the creation, implementation, use and evaluation of a range of resources. Candidates from all cultures and both genders can develop their interest in, enjoyment of, and critical reflection about this vocational area. The specification uses a range of assessment techniques to enable the candidate to respond through practical and investigative work.

Students will have 3 lessons per week, usually 1 will be a theory lesson and the double will involve some practical work with accompanying theory work or investigation.


UNIT 1: Catering skills related to food preparation and service .Two practical tasks taken between September and April .Internally assessed using WJEC set criteria. These are worth 60% of the final grade

UNIT 2: Catering, food and the customer .Written Paper taken in June,  1 ¼ hours. One paper which will be externally set and marked. This is worth 40% of the final grade.