Welcome to our Website. Our aim at New Horizons AP School is to create a safe and happy environment for our children to learn. We are committed to and passionate about supporting and working with some of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and disengaged learners across KS1 – KS4. We operate an inclusive school where every child is valued and we work hard to help our children develop their skills, knowledge and positive attitudes in order to help them to become responsible, respectful and tolerant citizens of the future.

At New Horizons AP School we have a strong team of dedicated and supportive staff who work very hard to provide the best opportunities for all our pupils. We value and appreciate the positive support of our parents and of the wider community and strive for an open and welcoming environment where we can work in partnership for the benefit of our pupils.

The Headteacher

Latest News

  • Moel Famau 06 December 2017 - Our walking trip to Moel Famau, a 562m high mountain with a small castle on the top. Congratulations ot our KS3 and 4 pupils who made it. What a great achievement!!! Check out the photos:-
  • Peer Leadership 31 October 2017 - Take a look at our KS4 pupils working with our primary unit. Here they get the chance to plan and lead sport sessions as well as peer mentor on a one to one basis:-
  • Halloween 31 October 2017 - Halloween at New Horizons. Take a look at our KS3 working on their gruesoum body art as well as participating in some traditional Halloween activities in apple bobbing and some not so traditional Halloween activities in Balloon Pop:-
  • A swing and a miss! 04 October 2017 - Take a look at our pupils brushing up on their golf swing before we head on to the course :-
  • NHAP vs The Bridge 04 October 2017 - Our first fixture of the season! A few huffs and puffs and red faces but our pupils were a credit to New Horizons and their behaviour was outstanding!! Well done guys:-  
  • Sport Leaders 02 October 2017 - Take a look at our fantastic key stage 3 and 4 students working with our primary unit. Below you can see them delivering a boxing and hockey session as well as teaching some pool. This is a fantastic way to develop their leadership and communication skills.